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It is the year 2073X.

With the invention of cryonic reality in the year 2073 the leaders of the world agreed to stop time counting time and called this final year 2073X.

While in Cryonic Reality, the aging process of the human body comes to a stop. During their time in the CR, users have access to a virtual utopia that serves as a substitute for the bleak real world.

Nearly all states have been privatized and large megacorperations are leading humanity. Overpopulation, pollution and unemployment have left earth as a desolate place. Those who are priviliged enough to have access to the CR world have access to an endless life of joy, while the majority fights to survive and dreams from entering the virtual world as well one day.

Our story begins when Ayuko visits a virtual concert of the band NEOSHIN. During this concert she gets infected with a new CR virus, which suddenly turns her from priviliged to security threat and shatters her life as she knows it.

Ayuko is more than just the protagonist.

As a real digital influencer, Ayuko can be found on todays social media where she regularily shares parts of her life in the year 2073X.

To be part of her world follow her on instagram: